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mix tape : halloween

Once again, 'tis the season for creepy crawlies, bloodsuckers, ghouls, and zombies (of course, at Chez Angie it's always the season for zombies, but I digress), and I present my second annual Halloween-themed mix, featuring tracks from: Ash, Queens of the Stone Age, Florence + the Machine, Lady Gaga, Sufjan Stevens, Muse, Neil Patrick Harris, and Mumford and Sons.

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art + fables.
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fanmix : doctor who :: in rainbows (in shadows)

I decided to try my hand at something new and different -- and something that came awfully close to driving me insane. But I came out on the other side relatively unbruised, and now I'd love to share the fruits of my labours in the hopes that y'all would appreciate and enjoy it.

I present to you a really fucking huge Doctor Who s1-s5 (with dashes of Classic thrown in) fanmix with 19 tracks and 19 accompanying mini-fics. I REALLY HOPE SOMEONE ENJOYS THIS.

cover art by the fabulous hazyflights.

in rainbows (in shadows)
--a whoverse fanmix

art + abe brings the sweet tunes.

fanmix : weird, usa :: pedal to the fucking medal (a charlie driving mix)

So I made a "Weird, USA"-related mix CD. Is it a fanmix when it's from a novel you wrote yourself? I'm going with that until someone says otherwise. I've got a couple more of these planned -- Olivia's "Getting Over That Bastard: A Break-Up Mix", Ben's mix tape for Olivia ("Until I Write You That Song"), and a general "Weird, USA" soundtrack -- but this was the easiest, hence it being the first. I'll let Charlie say why she picked these tracks in her own words...

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